HUNTING LODGE - Warm feelings are evoked by this candle, filling any space with a warm, woody ambience. Dream of log cabin living when this candle is lit, through notes of cedar wood chips and dried tobacco, slightly smoked with a blend of bay leaves and crushed peppercorn.

SEA SALT - A refreshing blend of fresh sage, sea spray and sea salt backed by fir needles and oudh.

SADDLE & SMOKE - Enjoy this darkly mysterious, opulent fragrance with aspects of worn leather, golden amber and precious spices, swathed in the warmth of sweet wood smoke.

PINK SUGAR - Inspired by the uplifting beauty of fluffy clouds suspended in a sorbet sky, fresh raspberry and white peach add sparkle to a heart of sugar, maqui berry and vanilla pod.

ONE TRICK PONY - A suave and sophisticated sensory experience that effortlessly brings the outdoors in. One Trick Pony is a dimensional, dry blend of luxurious woody notes layered through folds of spicy-sweet tobacco leaf and warm hay.

HIGH HORSE - A warming, earthy and masculine blend with the perfect balance of spice, the woody aroma of tobacco leaf and just a dash of vanilla to balance the earthy aromas. 

GOOD VIBES ONLY — This energising scent combines a vibrant mix of citrusy lime and sun-ripened mandarin with the herbaceous aroma of freshly-picked basil, brightened with a hint of white cedar and black pepper

LUCENT — Lucent is a fragranced blend of succulent peach, bright orange and delicate jasmine combined with notes of vanilla and prosecco. Infused with essential oils of mandarin, lemon and apple. 

SPICED PEAR + HONEY — Welcome your senses to a delightful blend of juicy pear and spice, kissed with a touch of honey, midnight jasmine and brandy.

DARK WHISKEY + OAK — An elegant aroma of sweet whiskey and freshly cut tobacco leaves, with notes of cherry wood and apple peel, is married to the smoky character of oak barrels to create a timeless, classic scent that can be added to any favourites list

WILD AT HEART — Our unique blend of juicy citrus, ripe plums, and fresh raspberries will leave you feeling like you've been whisked away to a wild, fragrant paradise. With notes of vanilla orchid, sandalwood, and cashmere woods.

WARM VANILLA — Experience a sensory journey with Warm Vanilla. A luscious blend of Buttermilk, French Vanilla and Absolute Blossom. Cosy up and enjoy a balance of toasted coconut and burned caramel, intertwined with hints of citrus and oriental spices.

SMOKE + LAVENDER — A blend of French Lavender, Smoked Sage and Rosemary, crafted to create a warm, woody fragrance that harmoniously bridges the gap between autumn and winter. Amberwood and cedar provide a rich, golden base, and top notes of rosemary, eucalyptus , and lavender provide a gentle floral hue, perfectly balanced with earthy patchouli and winter spices of clove, cinnamon and tonka bean.

NECTAR - Features an intense peach aroma that is artfully balanced with sweet and subtly floral notes from raspberry, violet and tonka beans, rounded out by a touch of caramel. Perfect for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

GOLDIE - an intricate blend of white coconut, creamy sandalwood, citrus fruits, vanilla and buttermilk to create a rich, refreshing scent. This sophisticated aroma pairs fruity lime, lemon, and peach notes with subtle hints of bourbon vanilla and buttermilk for a unique and inviting fragrance.

FOREVER SUNDAY - Forever Sunday is a seasonal scent. It features the fragrance of ripe pumpkin, creamy butter, and brown sugar, topped with toasted cinnamon and nutmeg. Cosy in a candle! 

MIDNIGHT - an ode too coziness. It is a distinctive combination of barrel-aged bourbon, sweet maple, and cedarwood, intertwined an irresistible aroma of vanilla and caramel.